About the National Science Experiment

Great scientific discoveries arise from curiosity and a desire to know the truth. Singapore’s first large-scale National Science Experiment seeks to awaken a fascination for science among our young people.

Students carry the handy SENSg device which collects data such as the number of steps students take each day, and their travel patterns in this nationwide project. This information collected by the SENSsg device will be wirelessly transferred to a central portal to form part of a larger pool of big data. The data will be aggregated to provide insights into how mobile Singapore’s youths are and their travel patterns. Students can also view the results, compare trends among their cohort, and gain meaningful insights from these findings. This experiment enables Singapore youths to understand and learn about big data and how it can be applied to manage real world issues.

A Big Data Challenge was conducted in 2016 where the schools get to analyse the data collected by their schoolmates to develop meaningful insights.

In NSE Big Data Challenge 2017, teams get to design their own experiments, and collect and analyse the data they need.

If you have any queries, please email NSE@science.edu.sg.

Latest Happenings

Winners of NSE Big Data Challenge 2017

The winners were announced during the NSE 2017 Big Data Challenge Grand Finale on 13 Sep 2017!

Click here to find out who won, and view photos here.

National Science Experiment 2017

The NSE Big Data Challenge 2017 is back! This year, it’s slightly different – student teams will design their own experiment, collect and analyse data related to the self-defined question using the SENSg device, and draw conclusions that can aid in public policy in Singapore or improve company businesses. Click here to find out more about NSE Big Data Challenge 2017.

Workshop sessions were held on 22, 24, 26 and 29 May 2017. Click here to view some photos from the workshop.

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